Which Online Gaming Style Will Suit You

Which Online Gaming Style Will Suit You

Which Online Gaming Style Will Suit You
First before playing a poker

Look for better games

You have to be constantly scouting games to find the juicy ones.By staying in one game for way too long your opponents start to figure out your playing tactics and will successfully counter you.

The more you stay in a game,the less money you make.

Which Online Gaming Style Will Suit You.

Play at right sites.

I know a couple of good players who have lost at big sites but manage to comfortably pay all their bills by playing poker professionally.

Playing at big sites with overcrowded players who will most probably figure you out.


How do you deal with that?

By finding news sites with less people especially sites that avoid third party softwares and their limit on how many tables you can play repells all of the sharks.

You will have to do your homework to figure out what you are up against and find poker sites that do not let your opponents use programs to doublecross you.

Picking the right site is a huge win.

Gaming styles


The good thing is that most players will never think about focusing on their position.

Having a great position ensures you have an edge over the less selective players.

When you are last to act in a hand,you always have more information than the person who acted before you.

If you make a bet from an early position and the opponent raises,it is not clear where you stand.

However if your opponent checks from an early position and then reraises you it is definite that you have a real hand.Playing in early positions makes your opportunities to bluff and severely reduce.


Playing aggressive poker.

This means that when you decide to play a pot you raise.

This definitely gives you credibility to represent a big hand by continuing to bet after the flop.You only stop betting if an opponent makes it clear that they have a better hand and are not likely to fold.

Playing aggressively involves getting information about your opponent’s hand while putting maximum pressure on them.

This involves possibly forcing your opponent to fold the winning hand.


Be invisible

Being invisible and unpredictable at the table makes your attacks difficult to see coming and therefore your opponents will make more mistakes against you.

So you have to switch games as frequently as you can,change poker sites,not branding yourself,finding targets and not chatting.

This will most definitely make you difficult to see coming in the game.

Which Online Gaming Style Will Suit You

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