Understanding a horse racing and it’s terms.

Understanding a horse racing and it’s terms.

To start with this project, we need to understand the difference between racecard and race card.
A racecard is a printed card used in horse racing, giving information about races; principally the horse running in each race. A typical racecard gives information not only about horse’s name, but also it’s age and the weight it has to carry in race. While, racecard is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitude in the audience.difference between racecard and race card.
Let’s go into the terms associated with horse racing. There are many terms associated with horse racing; some of this terms include.
TS1- this stands for top speed 1, it is the highest ability based on how fast a horse has ran in a race.
C and D in racing- C in racing indicates a horse has won on a particular course before. While D, indicates a horse has won over the same distance as the race before. C1- this is for horses having won one race or less. Group 3- it accounts for almost half of all group races ran each year. Class 3- this is a rating for horses rated upto 120 or 135. In this context, we should also understand that a filly is a female horse that is too young to be called mare. Most times, it is considered as a female horse under four years.

We should also understand how to read a racing card. To read a racing card, the form should be read from left to right, with the number on the further right indicating the horse’s most recent run. The number the position the horse finished in. In most cases, abbreviations are used; P- pulled up, F- fell, UR- unseated rider, BD- brought down, R- refused.

Moreso, let’s not forget how to read DRF classic PP. DRF stands for daily racing form. It offers horse racing past performances as a statistical service. It also includes a lot of information crammed into a little space. On the other hand, PP stands for past performances. It is read by gathering: program number of the horse, horse name, ML odds i.e monitoring line odds for horse established by race track, med/eqp- the medication and/or equipment the horse will be using on the day.

In conclusion, we finally understood the difference between racecard and race card, the terms used in horse racing and how to read racing cards and DRF classic PP.



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