10 Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game

10 Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game

Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game

Learn the hand rankings and use them well:

An amazing poker tip is knowing hand rankings and understanding how to achieve them. Knowing your hand rankings also helps you weigh your probability of winning on the table. Example: if you have a strong flush, you know you that there’s a 50% chance of you being the highest on the table.

10 Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game

Don’t Be The First Player To Limp:

Limping is placing the lowest possible bet in order to stay in a game usually when the little blind calls the big blind rather than raise the stakes. This is a bad idea because you entice other players by offering good pot odds which gives you more opponents hence making it harder to win.


When in doubt, fold:

The difference between a confident player and an experienced one is knowing when to fold. From the two hidden cards, a player will know what type of hand he/she is likely to get based on calculations and luck. Experienced players fold when in doubt of the strength of their possible hand.


Study body language:

It is safe to say that in all games and rumbles, when signs of weakness are perceived, it is best to strike. Although a player is less likely to show emotion and call your bluff, there are other mini psychological giveaways like body language that shows the level of confidence your opponent has in his game. Once you pick up on this, you have a better chance of knowing where you stand.


Only play when it feels right:

Poker is a game of chance and calculation but an important tenet of poker is most definitely luck. If you’re not feeling like your luck is right at that very moment, there’s no need to play because often times, positive energy brings luck.


Play on tables with opponents of similar or weaker strength:

Simply, if you play on tables with far weaker players, yes you will win but you won’t get any better but if you play on tables with far stronger players, your tables, your confidence is likely to be dragged down. So we recommend playing on a table with players of a little weaker strength or similar strength to you. Not only will you have fair wins, you’d also learn new strategies.



Poker is a game of confidence and wit. You have to best the other players and the best way to do this is to play on their psychology by seeming overly confident. This will shake them and have them doubting themselves and in some instances, even fold. This is a move that you should be conscious of though. Don’t bluff when you have a bad hand. Remember tip 3.


Always have a reason:

Intentionality is so important in poker. All your moves need to have a why to it to ensure that reasons are feasible and moves are weighed. Example: if you peep your hole cards and see 2 ace of spades, you can double the stakes. Why? Cus you have a possible strong hand


Learn your deck:

In order to weigh your chances on a table, you need to know your deck. This will help you predict what your opponents have and community cards will also help you weigh this out as well. Its quite tricky but very effective.


Pay attention:

You need to pay attention to everything going on in a game in order to be able to concentrate and make the right moves.


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