Poker Tournament Buy In and Rebuy

Poker Tournament Buy In and Rebuy

Poker Tournament Buy In and Rebuy

Poker is one of the most prevalent games these days. It can either be played at home or in the casino. The poker played at home is quite different from what we play in the casino.

Poker Tournament Buy In and Rebuy

Poker tournaments are also very famous. In a poker tournament, we get the opportunity to play with the most competent players. Players can also learn a lot from each other.

Poker tournaments vary in size. Only two players can also play poker (Heads up), and tens of thousands of players can also play.

However, there are several terms that a poker player should know. I am going to explain them briefly.


Buy-In is the money that every person has to pay before playing the tournament. It is a fee/due for playing a poker tournament.

The purpose of this fee is that it is distributed among winners at the end of the tournament. It is prize money.

The fee can also vary. It can be either 5$ to 10,000$, depending upon the tournament.

Sometimes, the players also need to pay some extra dollars besides the buy-in (50$+5$). 50$ is the buy-in of the poker tournament. However, 5$ is the rake.


Rake is the commissioned money paid to the host/casino owner. The host is the person who organizes the whole tournament,

Tips to determine Buy-In

Following are some tips that one can keep in mind while deciding the buy-in.

  • How large you want your event to be? The more the fee, the fewer people will be.
  • If you want more people in your tournament, buy-in must be more concise.
  • If the event is for charity purposes, the fee must be economical so that more people can come.
  • If you are offering snacks or food at every table, you can also add 10% to buy-in.


As the name suggests, rebuy means buying again. Suppose if a person lost all of his chips at an early stage. What should he do now? Does he should sit and watch other players playing? Off-course not. There should be something for this person.

It is the stage where rebuy comes in. The person who has lost all his chips can buy more chips and get back into the tournament.

Tips to determine Rebuy

  • Rebuy should not be more than buy-in. It should be equal to the initial tournament fee.
  • Rebuy must be limited in numbers and decided before the game.
  • The person who rebuy must get the same amount of chips as he gets in the first place.
  • It should only be allowed when the person stack falls below a certain level or runs out of all his chips.
  • Rebuy should only be allowed for a certain period after the game starts.

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