Poker Tournament Blind Structure

Poker Tournament Blind Structure

Poker Tournament Blind Structure :-
Blinds in poker are the forced bets posted by the player sitting on the left of the dealer’s button. The dealer is the person who has the round disk called the button. He is the person who deals cards among players.

The bet posted by the player on the dealer’s left side is called the small blind, and the bet posted by player two to the dealer’s left side is called the big blind. The blinds are posted before the dealer deals cards among players.

Poker Tournament Blind Structure

Poker Tournament Blind Structure

The purpose of these blinds is to regulate the length of the poker tournament. Neither the game should be too lengthy nor too short.

Usually, the blind increases gradually so that the tournament will not end quickly.

The blinds increase after the deliberate time. For Example: after every 15 to 20 minutes.

Goals of Blinds in Poker Tournament

There are two main goals of the poker tournament:

  1. First, the player with the small stack can stay in the game for the desired period.
  2. Secondly, it will ensure that players do not have a large stack than the blind level.

Tips for the Poker Blind Structure

 The blind period is the total span each blind lasts.

  1. The typical blind period should not go beyond 15,20,30,60 minutes.
  2. The span of each blind must be of equal size.
  3. The first big blind should be half (1/50) of the starting bet amount. For Example: if everyone starts with 2500, the first blind will be 25/50.
  4. The blinds will double after each round. So, if the first blind is 25/50, the next blind will be 50/100.
  5. The blind structure will become fast if you double the blind at every round.
  6. The fastest the blind period, the fastest the tournament will end. So, to run the game smoothly, the blind period should go longer. In a live poker game, the blind span is short. But at the house poker game, you can have a longFirster blind span.

How to determine Blind Structure?

 A list of manageable steps will help you to create a blind structure.

  1. Firstly, decide the first betting amount.
  2. Now divide the betting amount by 50. The resulting number will be your first big blind.
  3. When the tournament is about to finish, make your final big blind equal to the starting bet amount.
  4. Try to keep your first big blind period slow. Also, manage your middle blind levels.
  5. Calculate all the blind periods together.
  6. If the final blind span is too short, add some level, and if the final blind span is too long, take off some level.

Blind Structure Sample

 Below is the sample blind structure with different chip stack.

Blind Period Chip stack
  1000 5000
1 10/20 50/100
2 20/40 100/200
3 30/60 150/300
4 50/100 200/400
5 75/150 300/600
6 100/200 500/1000
7 150/300 750/1500
8 200/400 1000/2000
9 300/600 1500/3000
10 400/800 2000/4000
11 500/1000 3000/6000
12 1000/2000 5000/10000

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