Phil Hellmuth | The Winning Strategies

Phil Hellmuth | The Winning Strategies

Phil Hellmuth | The Winning Strategies

Phil Hellmuth (The certified poker brat) tells us about something he calls “The Winning Pyramid”. The pyramid came to him in 1988 and by 1989, he won the main event, found love and was living in a condo on the lake with luxurious whips.

Phil Hellmuth | The Winning Strategies

The instructions at the very bottom of the pyramid says that those who want to win desist from alcoholism, don’t drugs and be sure that they don’t have a gambling addiction.

The next step is getting your diet right. Phil says that eating healthy is an important disciplinary facet.

At the top of the pyramid is money management. Ending up broke is something that can quickly make ones life miserable.

Phil wrote a book “Play Poker like the Pros”. As for his poker strategy, Phil uses a very tight strategy.

Phil is popular for using a tight-aggressive strategy when playing during tournaments. And he also wrote about an extremely tight strategy for beginners.

Phil says he desists from playing in a box. This is because he has the divine luxury of time. “Patience, patience, patience” he talks about waiting for the right moves and being patient and calculating during tournaments.

He is also big on discipline. He once folded with pocket queens in a two way battle. He let his brain lead and knew that he’d loose too much if his opponent had pocket aces. Poker is 50% knowing what to do and 50% when to do it so Phil never lets impulse lead. On the discipline card, he also avoids going all in early in tournaments. He also advices that we don’t steal blinds early in tournaments.

On finals tables, Hellmuth says that we should play opposite of our opponents. Be less aggressive to aggressive opponents and more aggressive to passive opponents.

He’s also a pro at reading tells. I’m terms of body language, he says that players with bad hands usually slump their shoulders while players with good hands maintain a nice posture.

He also tries to watch how they bet in order to predict.

“Reading other people at the table is not easy, but every person out there can improve their reading abilities, I would advise someone to watch videos of players without the sound and try to guess what they have based on the way they are acting. To practice, pull up a YouTube video and do this for 10 minutes at your house”

This is amazing advice that Phil gives poker players and it’s very important that they know this as Phil is an amazing and successful player.

This article gives you a quick rundown of Phil’s strategies and we hope you take something away from it.


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