Online horse racing sites

Online horse racing sites

Online horse racing sites

Nothing beats the sensation of betting on your favorite horse of the track,TVG takes you to the action live.

On any winners of their racing tracks.There are no restrictions and you can pick winners from anywhere.

You can increase your odds and have an upper hand with their daily TVG picks.

From your mobile device or computer you can watch and bet on live horse racing from over 150 tracks around the globe.

Creating an account lands you a generous sign up offer.

HORSE RACING BETTING SITESOnline horse racing sites.


Top Horse Racing Betting Sites in 2021

Horse racing and betting have always gone hand in hand. Watching races such as the Kentucky Derby, Grand National, or Melbourne Cup is exciting, but it’s even better when you have real money wagers at stake.

Betting on horse racing could not be any easier than it is today, thanks to the internet and the abundance of horse racing betting sites. Online horse betting is very simple, and offers many advantages over the alternatives.

It’s important to use the right racebooks.

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When it comes to online betting for real money, we believe that choosing the right site is among the most important decisions you’ll make


You need a funded online account and you can get one by registering in a site and bonus is given to new customers.

Listen to people who have already put in the time the sport needs you will pick plenty of tips on how things work and that can boost your knowledge to ensure you will be placing horse racing wagers with so much confidence.


Trainer forms

Stats on trainer performance are readily available.

When looking at stat trainer,do not concentrate on overall prize money or overall win rate alone but also check whether a trainer has more success with a specific area of the sport they might be specialized in.

Horse odds.

The more we support outsiders,the less successful we become.

However we would regularly find horses with outstanding chance of success and available at 20-1

Most winners come from the first 4 horses in betting.

Gate position

Running in the last lane means covering more ground.

Watch on that.

Speed figures

How quickly a horse can move from one point to another gives an hint on it’s overall ability.



When you head the track, some of the traditional tools are obvious. Grabbing a race program which lists all the horses, gate positions, form,trainer and jockey stats will help but betting off-track online means you actually have a bigger wealth of information at your disposal like the following :

The track’s official website: This gives you information on the surface, who the top performers there are and Betting guides: On these pages, all you need to know about betting on horses is covered, so make sure you are well informed before making a selection for real money.



Not every handicapper gets it right every time, but they are in this position because they have worked for years within the industry so listen to what they have to say and learn from them.


Speed figures :

Various online platforms offer information on accurate speed figures at a cost and these can prove crucial in dirt races in particular.

Download a racecard and see what horses factually are quicker at certain points of a race.


Stats websites:

Equibase and others provide stats provide stats track-by-track, horse by horse, jockey-by-jockey so you can see without bias or prejudice, who and what is performing well and under what conditions.

Top Tips for Betting on Horses By way of a round-up then, keep the below things in mind whenever you are about to place a bet on horse racing.

Nobody becomes a pro overnight, it takes a long time to perfect it and in fact we never stop learning as things in the sport change constantly.

Learn from your mistakes: If the way you bet now is not working for You change it.


Start with small stakes:

If you win, great, you can I increase your stakes over time. But if you mostly lose, which almost all neophyte horseplayers do, then you want to minimize your losses until you are more confident of success


Learn to read the form :

Because so many factors are included in horse racing and it is an ancient sport, most of our terminology is colloquial and a lot has to be abbreviated so be sure you understand the information you are reading.


Have a bankroll:

There are many ways do run one of these, but as a starting guide set aside maybe $100 and only bet 5% of it on win bets. If you’ve won and have $200 in your bankroll, terrific, you will be betting $10 a time but if it has slipped to $60 then by betting $3 a time you are being sensible and not losing all your money before you’ve had a chance to learn the ropes and hone your skills.


Be selective:

There are hundreds of races every day around the world, but you don’t have to bet them all! That’s a sure fire way to lose your cash. With tons of statistics and advice at your disposal you can afford to only bet when you believe there is enough information on a  horse to suggest it has a good chance of success at reasonable odds, so be patient.


Watch live:

You can do that at TVG. Stats are great and informative, but watching the race gives you a proper perspective. The style of a victory, or of a defeat for that matter, will tell Iyou more than the clock or the official ratings will and by listening to pros and interviews with horsemen you will glean lots of valuable information that you can then weaponize as a bettor.


Find an angle.

Trainer and jockey form, speed figures, breeding, whatever it is if you feel the betting show doesn’t reflect something accurately and you believe a horse is going off at bigger odds than it needs to be then you essentially believe you Stay realistic: Given the above, you should not be afraid to bet on outsider if you truly feel the evidence suggests it has a winning chance. But, the harsh reality is that most winning horses come from the top end of the betting pool and from an elite bunch of trainers and jockeys so stick with the obvious, at least at the beginning to give yourself a better statistical chance of winning.


Avoid exotics.

At least at first. Placing exacta’s, pick 6’s etc to small stakes can be fun and may one day lead to a big payout, but the truth is that the one thing a newbie and a pro has in common most often is that they stick to win bets. The reason payoffs on exotics are huge is that your chances of winning are extremely slim. So, unless you’re simply lucky, the best way to build your bankroll is to accumulate your winnings slowly and patiently.

Make your bets online. The world is small now, so use that to your advantage. Long gone are the days of being required to attend the track in order to place a bet. If you’re happy with your selection,

you’re just a few clicks away from betting it and doing it this way will often mean you getting better odds or offers and promotions to boost your bank.

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