Live vs online poker

Live vs online poker

Live vs online poker
6 Reasons Why Live Poker is Easier Than Online Poker (That Might Be Holding You Back)

Live poker is much easier than online poker. If you’ve played in both, this isn’t new news. Here are some reasons why:

Live vs online poker

1: Money is more important to online poker players: The thing is, most players begun playing poker in any case in light of the fervor and for the thrill of the adventure of conceivably winning big money. They usually start with really small amounts of money. Stipends, if you will. For most, it’s very hard to get up to $300 to sit in a live game. What this means for you is smaller pots, smaller returns and fiercer players.

2: Live Players Usually Ignore Online Resources: Online players usually get their start with the internet. They are mostly in the demographic of people who didn’t have to use libraries often.

Simply put, most live players are in the over 40 crowd. Most of them don’t know how much their poker game can improve due to utility found online. The few older players that know choose not to use them. They are probably confident or dimply don’t know how to.

This isn’t an attack on live players. It’s simply statistics. Online players have this knowledge and will beat you with them at a go!

3: Online Poker Cliques are more efficient:  A poker clique is a group of players who are of the same level and learn off of each other. There’s cliques from the range of high stakes online poker players to that of $1/$2 players at a small New Jersey casino. These cliques are one of the swiftest ways to excel at poker. It’s enlightening to have a circle to share techniques and mistakes with. Online cliques usually challenge each other and this is amazing for their game. Live cliques on the other hand rarely do. Hence, they tend to be more one-streeted in gameplay.

4: The power of repetition: Jim Russel(baseball) once said, “the more you do something, the better you get at it”. This is very true. Online poker players are much more skilled simply because they play several hands at a time and can play significantly more than live players. Serious players also use tracking softwares to make sure they have their game right.

5: The time factor: Online poker can be played anywhere. Hence, players are training while at home, at work and maybe even on the toilet. They can play till midnight with no sleep if they like. Live players on the other hand don’t have this privilege.

6: Online poker is suitable for the best of players: The lifestyle makes it easy to play. There are an uncanny amount of poker players in online poker with different variations that have never been seen before due to location and skill levels. This makes online poker much harder than going to your regular casino.

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