List of Hong Kong horse races

List of Hong Kong horse races

List of Hong Kong horse races:-  Hong Kong has one of the neatest and well-organized horse racing schedules. All horses are subjected to or rather rated using a sliding scale approach. Simply put, each horse in the Hong Kong territory is associated with a certain number to allow rating. The lower the rating, the poor the performance or quality of the animal – vice versa is true; the higher the rating, the higher the quality of the racecourse. For instance, in Hong Kong, a horse rated 85 is deemed to be of quality performance rather than the one rated 46. List of Hong Kong horse races


As for the races, hong kong horse races are rated according to class: –

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
  • Class 5
  • Other races (Griffin)


Fact sheet

All Hong Kong horse races are handicapped. This means that it’s the horse’s ability that dictates the weighting.

Horses that are characterized with high ratings end up carrying the most weight.

The least runner, in terms of rating, carrying the least weight.

It’s the track handicapper that is responsible for weight setting.

The tabs are kept on to allow for constant ability and weight review depending on the performance turned in.


All these facts make the Hong Kong races not only entertaining but also very competitive. Compared to United States horse racing, weights carried in Hong Kong are much more significant: –


  • Top horse – 130+ (weight)
  • Lower quality horses – 115 (weight)


However, there is an exception for handicap weights where the horses carry similar weights. Equally, there is one more horse race in Hong Kong: Griffin events, which are equivalent to a maiden race of the U.S. In short, these types of races are meant for horses that have never won a race before.


For a better understanding of the horse racing classes and how they work in Hong Kong, it’s worth learning how to interpret the class and horse ratings.

Hong kong horse racing tips

Horse racing track.

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