List of German Flat Horse Races – Former Group Races

List of German Flat Horse Races Former Group Races :- Germany presents one of the best racecourses across Europe. One of the most famous racecourses in the country is the Iffezhiem Racecourse, which is also considered to be Germany’s home of horse racing. However, in the interior Germany territory, Deutsches Derby carries the day as the biggest horse race or event. It ran in Hamburg each year and was established in 1869.List of German Flat Horse Races - Former Group Races


First and most, it’s vital to recap on the various type of horse racing: –

  • Flat racing – The horses tend to gallop directly between marked points. It can be within a straight or oval track
  • Harness racing – In harness racing, the horses trot and pace while pulling the rider.
  • Jamp racing – This is also referred to as Steeplechasing. In this particular race, the mission is to get over obstacles while still racing.
  • Endurance racing – this race is characterized by extreme distances. The distance covered can range from 40 to 161 kilometres.


Now let’s explore flat racing for a specific case – German Flat Horse Races & The Former Group Races


Flat racing is a year-round event. Various breeds have proved to excel in this particular discipline; thoroughbred, paint and appaloosa, to mention but a few. In Germany, there is a notable list of flat horse races that happen to take place each year. Among these races includes;

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2
  3. Group 3, and
  4. Former Group Races


List of group 1 flat horse races

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex 2021 winner
July Deutsches Derby Hamburg 2,400 3yo c&f Sisfahan
July Bayerisches Zuchtrennen Munich 2,000 3yo+ Skalleti
August Preis der Diana Düsseldorf 2,200 3yo f Palmas
August Grosser Preis von Berlin Hoppegarten 2,400 3yo+ Alpinista
September Grosser Preis von Baden Baden-Baden 2,400 3yo+
September Preis von Europa Cologne 2,400 3yo+
November Grosser Preis von Bayern Munich 2,400 3yo+

List of German Flat Horse Races Former Group Races

List of group 2 flat horse races

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April / May Gerling-Preis Cologne 2,400 4yo+
May Oleander-Rennen Hoppegarten 3,200 4yo+
May Mehl-Mülhens-Rennen Cologne 1,600 3yo c&f
May / June Grosser Preis der Badischen Wirtschaft Baden-Baden 2,200 4yo+
May / June Diana-Trial Hoppegarten 2,000 3yo f
May / June Badener Meile Baden-Baden 1,600 3yo+
June German 1,000 Guineas Düsseldorf 1,600 3yo f
June Union-Rennen Cologne 2,200 3yo
June / July Hansa-Preis Hamburg 2,400 3yo+
July Meilen-Trophy (Rotates location) 1,600 3yo+
Aug / Sept Goldene Peitsche Baden-Baden 1,200 3yo+
Aug / Sept Oettingen-Rennen Baden-Baden 1,600 3yo+
Aug / Sept Baden Racing Stuten-Preis

race as T von Zastrow Stutenpreis

Baden-Baden 2,400 3yo+ f


List of group 1 flat horse races

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April Frühjahrs-Meile Düsseldorf 1,600 4yo+
April Dr. Busch-Memorial Krefeld 1,700 3yo
April / May Silberne Peitsche Munich 1,300 3yo+
April / May Frühjahrs Dreijährigen-Preis Frankfurt 2,000 3yo
May Schwarzgold-Rennen Cologne 1,600 3yo f
May / June Bavarian Classic Munich 2,000 3yo
June Dortmund Grand Prix Dortmund 2,000 3yo+
June / July Grosser Preis von LOTTO Hamburg Hamburg 2,000 3yo+
June / July Flieger Trophy Hamburg 1,200 3yo+
June / July Hamburger Stutenmeile Hamburg 1,600 3yo+ f
June / July Hamburger Stuten-Preis Hamburg 2,200 3yo f
August Preis der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Baden-Baden 2,000 4yo+
August Fürstenberg-Rennen (Rotates location) 2,000 3yo
Aug / Sept Zukunfts-Rennen Baden-Baden 1,400 2yo
September Grosse Europa-Meile Munich 1,600 3yo+
Sept / Oct Deutsches St. Leger Dortmund 2,800 3yo+
October Preis der Deutschen Einheit Hoppegarten 2,000 3yo+
October G. P. der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf Düsseldorf 1,700 3yo+
October Preis des Winterfavoriten Cologne 1,600 2yo
October Baden-Württemberg-Trophy Baden-Baden 2,400 3yo+
October Preis der Winterkönigin Baden-Baden 1,600 2yo f
October Herbst Stutenpreis Hanover 2,200 3yo+ f
November Herzog von Ratibor-Rennen Krefeld 1,700 2yo
November Niederrhein-Pokal Krefeld 2,000 3yo+


Former Group Races

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April Grand Prix-Aufgalopp Cologne 2,100 4yo+
April G. P. der Bremer Wirtschaft Bremen 2,200 4yo+
April G. P. der Gelsenkirchener Wirtschaft Gelsenkirchen 2,000 4yo+
April Grosser Preis von Dahlwitz Hoppegarten 1,600 3yo
May / June Bénazet-Rennen Baden-Baden 1,200 3yo+
June Walther J. Jacobs-Rennen Bremen 2,100 3yo
July Sommer Stuten-Preis Krefeld 2,200 3yo+ f
August EuropaChampionat Hoppegarten 2,400 3yo
August Grosser Preis von Berlin Hoppegarten 1,300 3yo+
September Euro-Cup Frankfurt 2,000 3yo+
September Oppenheim Stuten-Meile Cologne 1,600 3yo+ f
September Deutscher Stutenpreis Hanover 2,400 3yo+ f
October Badener Sprint-Cup Baden-Baden 1,400 3yo+
October Hitchcock-Memorial Cologne 2,950 3yo+
Oct / Nov G. P. der Freien Hansestadt Bremen Bremen 1,600 3yo+
November Kölner Herbst-Stuten-Meile Cologne 1,600 3yo+ f

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