Japan horse racing tips

Japan horse racing tips

In this post we will tell you about Japan Horse Racing Tips. Thousands of fans do catch up with Japanese horse racing. This is because of great interest in excellent wins and finishes, and even pre-race parades. More importantly, the majority have their stakes in Japanese horse racing. For such reasons, find horse racing previews and tips for Japanese racing – All in summary.Japan horse racing tips

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  • Almond Eye

Much as many continue to oppose Almond, his form is outstanding and cannot be compared to any other opponent at the moment. From a series of victories, nothing can stop him from performing even better. With the high-class fields, he is the superstar to watch for the season and thus worth banking on as a punter. Consider a win for him.


  • Salios

Though yet to win at the highest level, Salios is promising and could mark huge improvements in the upcoming races. In fact, winning is the only best thing that counts and awaits him. He is decent enough to prove the winning possibilities even after an unexpected lay-off last summer. Betting on best improvement can yield happy returns.


  • Royal Affair

With 5 wins already, the royal affair can easily bounce back with a huge win. The form is amazing and has tested stable to guarantee an awesome finish. This could be another winning superstar. For punters, a top-three performance cannot disappoint.


  • Meiner Kagetsu

Born in 2016, Meiner Kgetsu’s performance is admirable. Its form is promising and could surprise many by marking a new record. The best record-breaker suits the punters for this particular one. Meiner can improve well enough to be considered among the most competitive. Performance in the last four starts says it all.


  • Ganymedes Rey

This is a 2017 born thoroughbred. Having overcome an accident, Ganymedes is a major target due to his fitness and readiness to win huge. Expectations of getting back on track are evident from recent efforts.


  • Atout

This horse has been trained by Hori Chiaki and is in exemplary form. It’s yet to hit the career peak after being kicked out at Kyoto. Atout is deemed to slide back on track and stage an amazing performance. Due to provable recent efforts, Atout will not be beaten in at least three lengths. Stick with Atout.


  • Asaki

Another racehorse to watch. This is 2018 born and has proved to be an upcoming champ. In the previous run, Asaki recorded 7th position at ease. In the scheduled races, Asaki will be among the top five. This is a sure prediction for punters to grab. Nothing less.

Generally, for Japanese horse racing, speed and distance are critical. Forms and records are broken every other day. Quicker goings in the afternoons have become the norm in recent seasons. Thus even the horses considered as outsiders can stage a surprising run. However, the experience and track record of trainers cannot be overlooked in Japan. You must know the trainer’s capability. Best of luck!


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