How To Read Card Information irish racing cards

How To Read Card Information irish racing cards

How To Read Card Information irish racing cardsHow To Read Card Information irish racing cards

How To Read Card Information irish racing cards

When you get at the racetrack, the first thing you should do is acquire a Race Card, which will “keep you on the inside track.”

We demonstrate how to get the most out of a Race Card by demonstrating the important information included inside it. Ella McSweeney walks you through the many things, including information on the Trainer, Jockey, horse, prior performance, sex of the horse, colors, weight, and racecourse layout.

A simple description of the handicapping system is given first, followed by a more thorough explanation later in the series.

Looking at a horse in the Parade Ring, memorizing the insignia on the jockey’s helmet, as this may be all you can see while he is out on the track, are some fundamental suggestions and facts.

Around half of all races in Ireland are handicaps, or contests structured to guarantee that all contestants have an equal chance of winning, similar to golf. Weights are carried in lead cloths to bring the total weight carried up to the handicapper’s standard.

– The stalls assigned to each horse and rider are determined by a random computer selection conducted by HRI one day before to the event — only flat races.

– Horses for Courses is a phrase that refers to whether a horse prefers to travel right or left handed, or clockwise or anticlockwise.

-Each owner has his or her own set of colors that are registered with HRI. When two jockeys are riding for the same owner, the insignia on their hats will be different.

C= Colt, H=Horse, G=Gelding, F= Filly, M= Mare are some important acronyms pertaining to the sex of the horse that you will see on the Race Card.

D = Disqualified, 0 = Not in the first nine, R = Refusal, U = the rider was Unseated, P = Pulled up, and F = Fall are useful acronyms for race results.

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