How to Improve Your Mindset and Bring Out Your ‘A’ Game

How to Improve Your Mindset and Bring Out Your ‘A’ Game

How to Improve Your Mindset in poker

• Focus Solely on present events: We are familiar with the saying “live your life in the now”. That’s exactly what we mean. While it’s ok to catch a glance at past events to improve your game and also think a little about the future, this games are not happening in the present and don’t need any of your focus and attention.

Good players don’t pay mind to any events outside their present one whether it was positive or not. This allows you have adaptation skills and may use past information to their advantage every now and then but not too much.

• Avoid Overconfidence: One thing is sure with poker, you can be beaten at anytime. Good runs often betray players by making them complacent and that in turn makes them prone to mistakes and closes them off to improvement.

Don’t loose sight of the fact that there are different ways to win and you can almost never master them all.

• Control Your Emotions: Angry, sad, excited, hopeful or what ever the emotion may be, learn to get it under control. Poker can make emotions run right fast and anyone who can’t neutralize those emotions run the risk of having them affect your game play. Learn to keep your cool in the face of both positive and negative emotions.

Keep a balanced life and handle your emotions in real life as well. Come to the table rested and with a clear mind.

(N/B: Exercise is a very good way to neutralize)

• Reflect on your game and learn from past mistakes: This shouldn’t be done at the table but it’s good to be particular about mistakes that had been made in the past and learn how to desist from repeating them.

Engage any poker conversation in sight: Poker is a game where strategies need to be shared and everyone has tips that work for them and could work for you. Its essential for you to gather as much new knowledge and insight as you can possibly gather. This is also important because you don’t know when you’d meet these people at tables and it’s good to have a tell on their strategy.

Play with a free mind: Stress, annoyance, irritation and so on can lead to a bad play. When your mood is off and your emotions are running high, it’s easy to make mistakes and be distracted.

When you choose to play poker, take a step back. Evaluate everything you’re feeling. It will add to your poker track record positively.

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