How to deal Texas HoldEm poker ?

How to deal Texas HoldEm poker ?

How to deal texas hold’em poker

How to deal Texas HoldEm poker ?

A dealer is the pilot of every poker games. Dealing is the art of basically sharing cards.
There are four(4) steps/responsibilities that a Texas Hold’Em dealer has to possess:

  • The shuffle and deal
  • The preflop
  • The flop
  • The turn and river


1. Shuffle and Deal

The first and most essential practice of a dealer is fanning out the deck. This is a practice of spreading out the cards in a fan-like shape to make sure that the deck is a complete 52. It’s also recommended to do this during game play.
Shuffling techniques takes a bit of practice. A deck should be shuffled twice when a new deck is introduced and the third shuffle is before dealing the cards where the deck of cut in half prior to shuffling.
In most forms of poker, a dealer button, followed by compulsory bets called the small blind and big blind, rotate around the table while the game is going on.
Once blind bets have been placed, the cards are dealt one card at a time per player starting with the player directly clockwise of the dealer button. This is done twice so that each player has two cards(hole cards).


2. Preflop

When hole cards are dealt, the preflop betting rounds starts. The player clockwise of the big blind begins the round with the option to call(matching the big blind amount), raise (double the stakes or take it even higher), or fold (giving in/mucking the cards to the middle of the table).
Once every player has either matched the amount of the biggest raise or folded, the game advances to a stage called the flop.


3. The Flop

To begin a flop, the dealer discards the card at the top of the deck. The top three cards on the remaining deck will be placed face up in the middle of the playing table. This means that players will see 71% of their cards.
The players that raised or matched the blind bet commence another betting round.


4. The Turn

After the flop betting round is over, the dealer discards/burns another card, then places the next card face up. This card is called the turn(or Fourth Street). This means that players now have 6 cards to make their best hand from and the betting process that took place after the flop is repeated.


5: The River

A river or a fifth street is an infamous community card that is dealt fifth and last placed face up to the right of the turn card. This is the last card that the dealer has to deal.

After the dealer is done, it is left for the players to then curate their best possible hand out of these cards and hope that their curated hand is the highest ranked on the table.


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