How to cheat at poker

How to cheat at poker

How to Cheat at Poker – 5 Poker Tricks and Why You Shouldn’t

There are several ways to cheat in poker and in this article, we will be exploring those different ways in which one can cheat at poker and why it’s not advisable.

How to cheat at poker

1: Card marking:

This is done in order to be privy to what card your opponent has. When these key cards are figured out, the cheat then, at that point hopes none of their rivals, nor the dealer, sees the marking. From that point, the card-marker will simply cautiously observe each card as they’re managed out around the table and taken by different players. At the point when the Texas holdem cheat recognizes a rival holding a checked card they know to be the Ace of spades, for instance, they have acquired a significant snippet of information that gives them an unfair advantage.


2: Soft playing other players who you know:

Soft playing or colluding is when two players who know each other off the table and gang up to work together to beat another player. Imagine being at a table with your brother. Consciously or unconsciously you’d try to help him out against other players. It is debatable if or not this is cheating but it still introduces that unfair advantage.


3: Dumping chips late:

Some players would dump chips from their stack late in the tournament and probably fold them their friend goes all in. This is done so that they still get their chips that they should have lost back and to change the game course.



  • Your strategy won’t improve: Cheating as a strategy is one thing but it’s another thing to feel like you can improve by cheating. It’s nearly impossible to excel at poker if you cheat because once you start winning in an unruly manner, the actual game play is tampered with.
  • Morality: If someone cheats or is considering cheating, then their morality is up for question and needs reinforcement. The fact that you’d be robbing hard working players of their possible earnings is unfair.
  • Grave consequences: First off, cheaters rarely ever get away with cheating. At least not for long. When caught, there can be some serious consequences. You can be banned from tournaments for life and be punished severely in other ways.

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