How do you win at poker everytime?

How do you win at poker everytime?

Win at poker everytime

How do you win at poker everytime?
In this article, we are going to be letting you in on five(5) quick techniques that’s going to turn your game of chance into a sure winner every single time!

How do you win at poker everytime?

1: Know what hands you’re going to play from each position: They often say that “one who fails to plan, plans to fail.” The very basics of poker is playing your cards against that of opponents. There are a lot of technicalities in playing but choosing the right hand is important.

It may seem like you know what to play and what not to play but it is very important that you know this before hand and what type of hand is best from any position.

This can be done by simply studying and learning beforehand which hands would suit you best and what to play from each position.

It would surprise you when the differences start to manifest. You’d also be very surprised with what hands you’ve been playing wrong!


2: Deliver all your holdings in the same light: When you’ve learnt about your hands you need to know how to play them properly.

The last thing you need as a poker player is predictability. A player should always keep their opponents guessing and give them a hard time deciphering what you have.

This can be achieved in a few simple steps which will put them in a state of confusion hence giving you the upper hand. There are:

  • Raise to the same magnitude in every play you have.
  • In post flop, play a lot of hands with the same actions.
  • Play both weak and strong hands in the same way.
  • Do reveal your cards unless you absolutely have to.

Let’s look at each of these individually.


3: Know the right game to participate in: This part is simple. There are core principles to consider when you’re choosing a game seeing that you have to choose the right game.

  • Is the house rake high?
  • How good are the players?
  • How are the players playing and does that suit you?
  • Is the environment poker friendly?
  • Have you played any of your opponents before? The knowledge of his moves will improve your chances.


Once these answers suit you, you’re playing on the right table.


4: Adjust based on who you’re playing against: Different players have different skills and tactics and you’d be able to spot this early on in the game. Making adjustments based on how your opponents play is an unmatched skill set in poker.


5: Be sure to break it down: During game play, it’s important you have a clear mind and desist from stressing yourself. All the strategies are a big overwhelming so it’s best to learn the art of breaking down to simpler terms and simplifying it in your head.

Take your time despite other players takes on a long wait and think and when all else fails, use a strategy you’ve used before that works or seen pros use!

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