Greyhound Racing Tip Market

Greyhound Racing Tip Market

Greyhound Racing Tips

The Greyhound Racing Tip Market is the only website in Australia where experienced greyhound media tipsters’ best bets and specials are put up against regular punters selections.

Expert tipsters from the media include form analysts, race callers and commentators from racing media companies such as SKY Racing and The Watch Dog. Media tipster selections are recorded for races running on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Only best bets or specials are recorded for a race where provided, otherwise all the tipster’s selections are recorded. Greyhound Racing Tip Market

The punters appearing in the Greyhound Tip Market have entered their selections at theGreatTipOff.com. Their selections are for sale in a Tip Package which contains one or more selections for today or tomorrow’s races. By clicking the BUY TIPS button you will be transferred to the tipster’s page where you can obtain more information about the selections and staking plan for sale including the race venues relating to the his or her picks, and the number of selections in the package. Some tipsters may have entered multiple packages for a race meeting.

This only means you can never tell how well they will perform in the field. If you don’t want to make a wrong decision, do not play a race that you did not even research or have enough information about.

1. Study the greyhound’s form.

If you have selected a runner who you think is better than the rest, study its form carefully. Do his records show an ability to lead? Has he been unlucky in his previous races?

There are no rules in deciphering a greyhound’s form. However, a greyhound that has consistently recorded faster times might suggest a clear and trouble-free run.


2. Know the age of the greyhound.

When examining the racers, the first thing you have to know is the age of the dog. This will tell you a lot about how they perform in a race.Age does influence the speed.

Ideally, racing dogs should be at least two years of age and should be at their best at three.


3. Choose a greyhound that performs consistently.

You have to refrain from betting on greyhounds that have an irregular racing pattern. This is because, although they might often excel in a race, they may sometimes give a bad performance and can be forgiven.


4. Box draw and track.

To be a good punter, you must not only focus on the greyhound itself. You should also check the box draw & track your bet is running. While some dogs perform well on certain tracks, they may not be quite the same on other tracks. This is the reason you should always stay updated regarding the track and figure out how well the greyhound has adapted to that track before.


5. Playing greyhound races that you have complete information.

Assuming that you want to play a trifecta to bring home tons of cash. Before you even place a bet, it is worth noting that there is a problem you need to work on here. It could be a route race, which means 4 other greyhounds may or may not have run at that given distance before.If you haven’t done enough research do not play.

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