German horse racing

German horse racing

Although horse racing is not deeply rooted in the culture of German people, German horse racing is fascinating. For a series of decades, German sporting culture wasn’t characterized by horse racing. However, in the most recent decades, horse racing has flourished in Germany. In fact, it’s evolving from strength to strength by the day. With the Iffezheim Racecourse being branded as the home of german horse racing, banking on german horse racing is the real deal.German horse racing


The Deutscher Gallop, German horse racing authority, is in charge of horse racing in the entire nation. This particular sport occurs in the European style as opposed to the American style.


Let’s explore group 1 horse racing:

Germany, like any other country, has numerous betting sites where horse lovers can invest their penny. Betting for horse racing is popular in the country and it’s not strange to find most bookmakers embrace German horse racing. Thus, you have not been denied a chance to chase the odds. These days online sites present the best platform to bet on horse racing. One can also watch the live events as the races happen at specific venues; Hannover, Frankfurt, and Deutscher, to mention but a few.


With over 100 betting sites in Germany, betting on horse racing can sound tricky in the first place. However, it’s just a matter of knowing the best bookmaker with the most reasonable odds.


Here is a list of the best sites to place your horse racing bets on horse racing: –

  1. bet
  2. Unibet
  3. Betway
  4. 888sport
  5. Rabona


Even though the majority take german horse racing as a success story, but disproportionately, german horses have been praised for their quality. In that case, when it comes to German horse racing, consider quality over quantity. A lot of praise goes to the French and English side in matters of horse quantity. Nonetheless, horse racing in Germany continues to gain traction due to the quality of horses born on German soil.


‘From the middle age of 3 onwards, German horses get better and better.’ by the time they are 4’ is a success story in the making. Former champion jockeys admit that German horses are bred to cope with the distance. In essence, breeders go for stamina as well as toughness to mark and realize greatness on the fields. This is an old fashioned way of breeding as many countries lean on speed.


Here is a list of flat racing champion jockeys since 2010;

  • 2019 Bauyrzhan Murzabayev
  • 2018 Andrasch Starke
  • 2017 Filip Minarik and Alexander Pietsch
  • 2016 Filip Minarik
  • 2015 Alexander Pietsch and Andrasch Starke
  • 2014 Adrie de Vries
  • 2013 Andrasch Starke
  • 2012 Andrasch Starke
  • 2011 Filip Minarik
  • 2010 Eduardo Pedroza

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