French horse racing

Every day of the year, racing associations present french horse races. With a count of about 250 racecourses, only 68 racecourses make it to offer fixtures at the national level. It’s worth noting that some racecourses offer both the galop and trotting fixtures. As for galop, flat as well as the jump races are considered and offered regularly. It’s also important to note that harness and mounted races appear in the trotting races schedule.French horse racing


Let’s explore more facts about French horse racing:

In France, the trio entailing the France Galop, the PMU as well as the Le Trot form or rather represent an economic interest group. The organization of races is entrusted to the racing associations. On the other hand, the PMU takes charge of any sort of betting on these particular races.


What is the value of french horse racing and racecards

Three parameters are crucial in determining racecards value, namely;

  1. Runner performance
  2. Time, and
  3. Weight determined by the handicapper


With the above, the value is determined as follows: The value is the estimated weight as determined by the handicapper, but based on the performance of the runner over an estimated period of time. However, the values are just temporary information and can change at any moment.

Simply put, the value of the racecard reflects a ‘quantified’ translation depending on the handicappers’ evaluation. The level of each horse in past races is also crucial. In this case, a horse needs a minimum of 3 races to get a value. However, this must be in the same specialty. For instance, performing in 3 flat races. It is after this that the horse is scheduled to attend handicap races due to the possibility of weight determination (the weight the horse should carry).

In France, and nearly everywhere, the said ‘value’ can increase, decrease or remain the same as determined by the handicapper.

Note: Mostly, a horse win can trigger the ‘value’ to increase. As such, the value gets updated upon a horse run.

Reminder: Handicap race refers to a race where weights carried by the horse gets determined by the handicapper. This ensures that all the participating jockeys have equal chances of winning.


How to read the horse value

Assuming there are two horses, A and B,

  • 240 for horse A means 24kg
  • 315 for horse B means 31,5 kg

Now, if the determined ‘reference’ is set at 32 kg, then;

  • Horse A will be subjected to 32+24 kg, 56kgs in total
  • Horse B will be subjected to 32+31.5 kgs, 63.5kgs in total

All these parameters make French horse racing an interesting venture and sport. French horse racing is just at the top, the best!

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