France Horse Racing Betting Odds | French Racecards

France Horse Racing Betting Odds | French Racecards

France Horse Racing Betting Odds | French Racecards With over 23 national concentrated studs, France is recognised as one among the heart of the world’s thoroughbreds. French horse racing has in the recent past attracted challengers of every kind. For this and many other reasons, French horse racing is the best to go for as a punter. Looking through the racecards guarantees key information.France Horse Racing Betting Odds | French Racecards


Betting odds

Numerous bookmakers provide distinct odds for a given race. For example; for the upcoming Chantilly horse racing championship, UNIBET and CORAL have offered the following odds for Oser to win the race: –

UNIBET – 7/1

CORAL – 13/2

Analytically, the best odds in the market is 7/1. Thus, on top of investing in whatever selections suit you most, it’s good to scan what is being offered by various bookies.


When betting for french horse races, the motive is to compare the latest racing odds and camping where the prices are bigger than in any other bookie.


What is the Pari Mutuel bet

Many punters prefer this particular bet in the hope that they will reap huge upon correct selection at the end of the race. In this type of bet, all similar bets are pooled together. In the end, the bookmarker or rather the house takes a small commission while the rest is shared among the winners.


How to select your odds/Placing your bets

  • As for French horse racing, you need to back the horse with the highest chances of winning. Comfortable punting entails backing accordingly after candid form analysis.
  • Stick to fixed odd betting or the Pari-Mutuel bets. The availability of these two depends on the money staked by fans.
  • Each-way betting is also available – Place half on wins and the rest on ‘place’. For the place odds, you can determine by yourself by dividing ‘win odds’ by a quarter or a third.
  • Remarkably, multiple selections can boost your wins big time. Normally, combining bets attracts sizable returns should the outcomes go as predicted.


Best horse racing bookies in France


However, it’s recommended to hold more than one account. This allows for exploration of what the markets are offering. Ultimately, one gets to stick with the account that offers value.

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France Horse Racing Betting Odds | French Racecards

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