Exclusive Sneak Peek Into My Poker Expertise

Exclusive Sneak Peek Into My Poker Expertise

Exclusive Sneak Peek Into My Poker Expertise

Poker!Uhhm…The discipline,the focus,the concentration you develop.

The strategies you have to master.The skills you gain over time are just priceless.

They say poker is a game of luck….No..Poker is a skill that is mastered over time.

That just goes hand in hand with the quotes talking about the number of hours you put in determines your prowess.I could not agree with this any better.

The first time I encountered poker was when I was 13years old.

Exclusive Sneak Peek Into My Poker Expertise.

A teenager just geared by determination,the love of adventure and curiosity.

I just wanted to find something to keep me on toes when it came to open mindedness and fast thinking.

I wanted to think and act fast and get something out of it at the same time.I think that drew me to poker.

I would watch boys and young men play poker so many times and i decided that i had to join them and beat them in their own game since I love to win.



Picture this,Playing poker however you want to.No rules just doing what you want with it.

It would be messy..and how would you determine the winner?

You will probably have to find a way,the rules.I love order,i love rules so i really enjoyed playing poker with the boys.I started learning new startegies and practising daily.My mental capacity also increased since i was able to think faster.I was very keen and paid attention to details.I made so much money some days that I would just get anything i want for myself

back then when i did not have a lot of needs just chocolates,ice cream and a few sweets.

Life was good.This changed gradually,as i grew up i became better in the game.I participated in poker forums and they were full of meaningful discussions ranging from basic poker theories to advanced probabilities they were so much fun.

I started going to tournaments with lower buy-ins.Yeah,ofcourse many times than not,i would win.

Then the main event,i just loved to do it.However I hated to lose.You just had to part with so much money.

But honestly,i made so much money out of it.The saddest part was where you left with money you knew you did not work so hard.It felt like snatching money from their hands and imagining the feeling of them leaving knowing they lost their money to you.It instilled a sense of guilt but when you win you take the money that is just the rule.



Making money is definitely the first.Employing strategies and following the rules is definitely going to land you a handsome amount of money with time.

Fun is second.When you enjoy the game,it is just fun to play.

Meeting new people is another,you can meet people who you can form alliances with.

It is a good experience



It is time consuming hence can take up much of your time that you could be using for productivity.

Feels horrible and demoralizing to lose.

Meeting annoying players can make you become distant and antisocial.

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