Canada horse racing tips

Canada horse racing tips

Canada horse racing tips :- Around the world, at times it’s tough to keep track of all horse racing. However, despite the offers on the entire international scene, Canada has the most awesome betting opportunities. Canada horse racing guarantees a busy weekend of horse racing analysis all year long. There is no need to take a strain on the horse races, absolutely. This is because we provide you with an array of already analyzed data for your best returns.Canada horse racing tips


Having the best tips that the masses can rely on takes experience and a lot of comparisons behind the scene. Every day, we have our expert eye on the best selections depending on the horse racing timeframe. This applies to all the horse races; regardless of on turf or dirt.

What’s best for you

Fort Erie and Woodbine horse racing are worth banking on. The stats and trends dictate the following: –

Fort Erie tips

The racetrack, Fort Erie, is located in Ontario, Canada. Best known as border oval due to the closeness with the U.S border, the racecourse hosts racing between April and October.

The Prince of Wales Stakes is one of the major events here.

Best trainer (based on number of wins)

  1. Mathes, Julie
  2. Ceccato, Sharon
  3. Humber, Joseph
  4. Simms, John
  5. Mileni, Jr Nick Guy


Best jockey (for Fort Erie)

  1. Crawford, Juan
  2. Pinto, Melanie
  3. Johnson, Kirk
  4. Husbands, Christopher

Horse racing

Woodbine tips

From well-analyzed speed ratings, focus on the following for woodbine horse racing

Best trainer (based on number of wins)

  1. Casse, Mark E
  2. McKnight, Norman
  3. Tiller, Robert P
  4. Attard, Kevin
  5. Drexler, Martin


Best jockey (for woodbine)

  1. Hernandez, Rafael M
  2. Stein, Justin
  3. Kimura, Kazushi
  4. Wilson, Emma-Jayne
  5. Contreras, Luis



With the above super tips, it’s your turn to choose your lane. More importantly, know when to take the reins.

Remember: it’s important to walk the path of responsible gambling.

We are committed to assembling a team of experts to keep you profiting. With our horse racing tips, especially for Canada, the best bets will be published and made accessible 24/7, nearly 365 days each year. Get ready!

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