Buying a good racehorse

how to Buying a good racehorse ?

Buying a good racehorse

Buying an appropriate horse results to satisfaction therefore it’s crucial to consider the following factors to consider before purchasing one:Buying a good racehorse

1. Cost the prize of the breed will depend on which is its sire, breed determine the future productivity. Thoroughbreds ancestry traces back to foundational sires which are the Darley Arabian ,Godolphin Arabian and Byerly Turk .Thoroughbreds are considered hot- blooded  and are known for their agility, speed, spirit, intelligence, highly strong and are energetic breeds best for horse racing .Age- many horses live to age 20 or older while they are still serviceable, sex- gelding are more stable and reliable for day-to-day activities than mare because of their estrous cycle which can make them have personal quirks. Stallion is never an appropriate choice for first time horse owners. Amount of training it has will influence the purchase prize .Only experienced riders can train a horse. Its size should match that of the rider. You should also include maintenance cost, which includes veterinary, barn, bedding, electricity and insurance.

2. Where to buy the horse. Buying a horse from a reputable owner or trainer because they keep their animals in good conditions, deal with purebred and have excellent knowledge on the horse history they are normally a bit expensive than other sources like horse auctioneers and horse dealers  and are definitely worth the money.

3. Stabling .Horses need adequate shelter and it also requires someone to take care of it at all times, good fencing –barbed wires are not recommended for horse security and safety. Proper nutrition and adequate pasture is mandatory for the horse. Tack and equipment like the saddle, bridle, grooming supplies and other basic things.

4. Evaluating your needs and making sure to make the right final decision. Ensure you purchase something you can possibly afford and that what is suitable for you. Negotiate for the prize and ensure you purchase the horse with a vet check that has not seen the horse to hear firsthand comments and finally get a purchase contract that clearly shows the term of your purchase.

A pedigree is the most significant factor when determining any good horse for either racing or other eventing purposes. The pedigree of the sire will determine the productivity of the offspring if they are either speedy and stayers. If the sire has produced many winners that is a good sign and definitely the offspring will be costly. Take that into consideration before cashing out.

Proper bone structure and alignment is very important while looking for a race horse. Bones should be proportional to the body and should be structurally correct, the legs should not have any alarming heat or sprint which can be a sign for future injury. Foot structure should be okay while it’s walking to ensure its carrying its weight perfectly. Muscling is the quantity and quality and distribution of muscles in the front sides and the back. Hind quarters and legs should have strong and powerful muscles. How balanced is the horse have a balanced height and weight which helps it most in performance in an event. Temperament due to high number of distractions at the tracks, a good racehorse should be calm that can relax enough to perform well in horse racing

Buying a horse is not a good investment unless you are a top-notched trainer so that you can improve the horses skills .If not the horse will remain stagnated and not increase in value and will cost you many bags overtime for the services and maintenances it requires. Majority of racehorse owners do not make money. For the trainers it takes patience, luck and knowledge of the racing industry to attain financial reward. A good natured, healthy racehorse is around $5000. A winning Jockey takes 10% of the horse purse many jockeys enhances the pay with sponsorship from betting companies.

Godolphin is the world largest thoroughbred for horse racing and was named in honor of Godolphin Arabian. His breeds compete in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Ireland and Japan founded by His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun with total earnings at over $20million. Horse owners are not taxed on the horse winnings because it is considered hobby and for pleasure. Bob Baffert is an American born on January 13th 1953. He the richest horse trainer with a net worth of $30million.In his career he has worn many awards and accolades. 7 Kentucky Derby, 7 Preakness Stakes, 3 Belmont Stakes and 3 Kentucky stakes.

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